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Investing with confidence in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metaverse and all your favorite cryptocurrencies. Powerful technical analysis and crypto trade automation will have your back 24/7.

crypto trade automation for everyone
how can people take advantage of crypto trade automation

High-end Technical Analysis meet Trade Automation

We build strategies, triggers and AI for Cryptohopper: The most advanced and customizable trade bot in the market.

That means it works on top of your own exchange account and you retain full control of your entire setup.

Furthermore you can further fine-tune it to your trading style and needs. We’ll help you along the way!

Why Ghost Crypto?

We’re a group of friends who love market analysis and crypto trade automation.
We believe everyone should be part of this and grow together as a community.

Constant development

We use our strategies on our personal bots.
We constantly strive to improve and adapt.

Simple instructions

Our goal is to make advanced trading tools accessible to everyone. And help you along the way.

Growing community

Our Discord server offers premium support, tips and market insights to help you succeed.

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