Bull Scalper – High volume strategy for a quickly moving market

Bull Scalper is Ghost Crypto’s second scalping strategy and is intended to complement our first offering – Scalper Sniper. The key difference here being a higher buy volume and hence higher risk. The goal is still to provide small and consistent profits with minimal position hold times – with a bit more risk/reward. With this CryptoHopper strategy, you will observe a high trade volume (on a scalping strategies average) and use a variety of indicators to enter the market with a goal of holding positions no longer than 6 hours.

Bull Scalper – Strategy Overview

Hopper Compatibility: All

Level of risk


Trading volume
Very High


Target profit per trade
Very low (<1%)


This one is for the Bulls!

A great strategy to run in various market conditions – geared toward those with a higher risk appetite.

Ghost Crypto

We recommend using this strategy in tandem with the free template (see below) – which includes buy enable/disable triggers for a layer of risk management. If you want to take it up another notch, you can even use this with scalper sniper in a template switching or AI set up!

The template triggers are a great example of how you can utilise the triggers feature not just to our strategies, but to your bots in general! Try out different trigger settings and let us know how they go on our Discord!

Download strategy and template

For this guide, we’ll assume you already have an active Trading Exchange and a Cryptohopper account. If you don’t, please check our guides section to find out more and also take advantage of some great discount offers:

If you’re already set with the basics, the first thing you need to do is head to the CryptoHopper marketplace and download the Ghost Bull Scalper Strategy. We also provide a free template which is not required, but highly recommended due to the risk management triggers included.

Be sure to check the “Auto-update” switch after downloading the template to make sure you keep up with our constant improvements.

Install on a new hopper

For this strategy, any Cryptohopper subscription level is enough.

  1. Follow this link to go to your templates
  2. Find the Ghost Bull Scalper – Template and click on its name
  3. Select Load Template
  4. On this screen you may choose to add the Scalper Sniper configurations to a new or existing hopper. We recommend a new hopper, so let’s select this.
  5. Select your exchange and add your API keys (if you don’t have those setup, CryptoHopper provides a link with instructions on this screen, after choosing the exchange)
  6. Hit Save and your hopper will be created.

Check your configuration

Now your hopper is ready to start trading. But first, we recommend double checking the configurations to make sure everything is in order. Just follow this link or hit the Config button and then choose Baseconfig. On the bottom of this page you can find a gallery for each of the configuration tabs.

Once everything checks out, you may go your Dashboard and start your hopper! ?

Be sure to join our Discord server for news, announcements and also our awesome support.

Happy trading, Ghosts! ?

Scalper Sniper – Configuration gallery

Use the images bellow to double check the configurations loaded by the template.
Last update: 04 Sep 2021